Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogger Dynamic Views – “Sidebar” with vertical scroll

Switching this blog to Dynamic Views a few months ago I thought that would make for a nicer user experience, but then I recently realized that most people don’t know that in Sidebar view there are more posts on the left that what you see, and that you can scroll through by hovering and then using the wheel, or by clicking an entry to the start or the end of the list and that will make it automatically scroll showing more posts.

After sending the feedback to Google – which even if they will consider it, it will take a while to get it in – looking for ways to change and customize the Dynamic Views I found a lot of useful tips at, all by simply by using additional custom CSS styles.

Then it hit me, I may be able to force the vertical scrollbar with CSS code! The solution is not perfect, as it is only renders the scrollbar for as many entries as configured to load in a batch, but it’s something and sort of plants the idea that there are more posts in there.

You can add the custom CSS style in Blogger in Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS.
div#sidebar { overflow-y: scroll !important; }

As a tip, you can find these bits with F12 developer tools (very similar in all current browsers) and then use the pointer in the toolbar to focus the element you want to work with.

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