Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Windows 7 beta build 7057 on ASUS R2H

Warning: You should consider making a note / saving the BCD settings with EasyBCD or similar before installing this build, as it lost my Vista boot entry, although I installed Windows 7 on a separate partition, no upgrade.

* * *

Following Rudi's comments that some things have been fixed in build 7057, I gave it a try myself and here are my notes.

Same as before, I installed it from a DVD-RW disc and into a 9.5 GB disk partition, with about 2 GB free left. The wireless adapter is not detected automatically, you will need to connect your tablet through the wired (ethernet). The first Windows Update run installs an update for Intel 915 Express chipset, Atheros ASUS USB Wireless, ATK0100 and Realtek RTL8101E Ethernet. Rebooting...

Rebooting brings only good news - I see now the Intel Graphics Media icon in tray area, things like rotation seems to work fine, going into graphics Properties, doesn't seem to know about the 800x480 screen resolution, but it still looks fine on screen - again this is the default Windows driver, not ASUS driver version

Screen calibration works fine now, you can use the pen close in the corners now, kudos to Windows 7 developers, seems they listened to all that feedback we all sent.

A new wireless driver was installed and it seems to work fine, detected my wireless network no problems - btw, I like the new popup window that shows the wireless connections... I might install the ASUS Wireless Console, it seemed to me it saves a bit more battery when I disable it using the console, as opposed to using the Windows Mobility Center.

More good news, now we have a Windows Experience Index of 1.0, not too bad considering the last time it was freezing half way through the rating process – again, good job MS.

So, to recap…

Touch Screen

Calibration works fine now, you can access the screen right close into the corners.


Windows Update will install a new Intel graphics driver, but oddly enough this is version, older than the ASUS Intel Graphics driver for Vista v6.14.10.4764. You need the latter to change the resolutions through the ASUS Settings Center. Same as before, you have to install it in Windows Vista compatibility mode, otherwise the installer will complain.


The default driver works with a few problems, I’ve noticed sound corruption (pops) on high volume on headphones and no speaker output when you unplug the headphones. You have to go to Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Troubleshoot Audio playback wizard to change the speakers to the default device, and then the same back to headphones if you want to switch. None of these if you install the ASUS Audio driver for Vista v6.10.1.6030.

WebCam (Bison)

Not installed by default, detected as USB2.0 Camera, works fine with ASUS drivers for Vista v6. Tested with Live Messenger, which works fine now, btw, good job MS.


Same as before, you have to install the ASUS Touchpad driver for Vista v9.1.5.0 to get better sensitivity and click on push.


Works out of the box, newer driver installed with first Windows Update.


Works fine after first Windows Update. The ASUS Wireless Console for Vista v2.0.8 work fine as well, with the note that you need to install the ASUS Hotkey Utility v1.00.0012 not only to get the hardware button to work, but apparently even to be able to disable the device from it.


Works fine. I used the Device Switch utility for Vista v1.0.0.1 to enable the device and tested with Microsoft AutoRoute 2007.

Fingerprint sensor

It is detected as an unknown Fingerprint Sensor and then I went straight on to install the AuthenTec update Windows 7 beta suggested the last time. And wow, it actually works now! Go into Control Panel > Biometric Devices, choose to use the AuthenTec AES1610A device to logon in Windows and enroll your fingers and that’s pretty much it, nice and easy. I understand Windows 7 introduces a new Windows Biometric Framework to provide a common API and tighter Windows integration, where before each manufacturer had to come up with their own set of apps and solutions.

ASUS Settings Center

Install ASUS Hotkey Utility v1.00.0012 then install ASUS Settings Center v1.6.7.115, then reboot or at least logoff and then log back in.
You can control brightness and volume, bad news on changing the resolution, but if you miss it badly I’d say you can install the ASUS Intel Graphics driver for Vista v6.14.10.4764.


While I cannot judge whether going into Hibernation is faster, resuming is noticeably faster!

Performance Tips

Not going to go through that again, see the previous post on how to disable certain services and features if you are not happy with the performance.

Final thoughts

I don’t know if I missed anything, feel free to remind me if I did. Except for the Vista boot issue, Windows 7 build 7057 looks pretty good, lot of things were fixed and it looks as promising as the beta version.

Here’s my 1.2 GB RAM system looking with swap disabled and bare minimum running.


  1. I know one thing for sure: never use Norton Ghost on Windows 7! It'll mess up a lot!

  2. Hey Rudi, what did you do exactly?

  3. Hi Dan,

    Please take a look at this: http://community.norton.com/norton/board/message?board.id=Win7Beta&thread.id=330

    I just tried to use Norton Ghost 14.0 and this is a problem that occurred.

    Further I found that build 7057 is having problems with the media library. I don't have problems on my R2H. But on my media center media player (which is used in the background by media center) keeps on crashing.

  4. I still haven't experienced any problems on my R2H using Windows 7 build 7057. How is it working for you?

  5. Rudi,

    same here - since i broke everything playing with the recovery partition :-) I reinstalled 7057 and using it solely since, i quite like it - i like the speed of going in hibernate and resuming, lots of things fixed since, it used to not resume power in the USB hub before it works now, drivers work ok, i can't complain :-)

    The only thing I noticed is that while customizing High performance power profile and setting a timeout for hibernating while on battery it actually considered that when plugging in, not a huge bug, just a little bother.

    Thanks for letting me know to try 7057, I'm quite pleased with it, waiting for the RC version. http://tinyurl.com/cy2jpr

  6. And it looks we might even have a 7068 build to play with... ;-)


  7. Yes, I've heard about the 7068 as well.

    For the time being I'm ok with 7057. At home I'm back on Vista again for my media center. I had too many problems getting Windows 7 to run. And for the media center application there is no real difference between Windows Vista with TV pack and Windows 7.

  8. At some point there was a registry hack to enable aero and transparency on a 910/915 chipset. Perhaps I will try to perform that hack as well.

    I still haven't found a real black theme for Windows 7.

  9. I've just finished download 7068 and trying it in the next day or so. I've tried the aero enable thing and it didn't work, it actually crashed W7 and luckly when it restarted it was all back to normal. I think people confirmed and used it in virtual machines where you would have a generic like S3 driver and most likely the host graphics card had the capabilities.

  10. Please help,,,, Like a fool I didn't see your warning until it's too late.

    My R2H hangs on bootup now, I've got bios version 207.

    If the HDD is connected it gets to Ultra DMA Mode-5, SMART Capable and Status OK. but no further. If I press F2 or Esc, it will tell me that it's either Loading Setup or Boot Selection Popup menu has been selected, but doesn't do anything else.....

    If I disconnect the HDD, boot it on mains, I can get to BIOS, it can detect CD etc, but as there's no HDD I can't do much else...

    I've just ordered a ZIF / IDE converter to connect the HDD up to my other computer... is there something I can do to the HDD? I'm assuming it's that that's dead...

    It was all booting fine with Vista before... put Win7 (7077), went through setup after clearing partitions... but then on restart....???

  11. Sorry I couldn't help much, please us know how how you fixed it - this puts a big question on whether we should try installing even the RC when it comes out, or at least not all of us in the same time :-) Sorry it happend to you man...

  12. Thanks for trying though Dan!

    The ZIF/IDE converter should arrive midweek, so I'll try and connect the HDD to another machine and completely repartition it.

    I think (and hope) it's because of the system partition that Win7 makes...

    Thanks again!


  13. Does this problem only occur when you try to do a dual boot (Vista and Windows7) on a R2H?

    I have Windows 7 build 7057 installed on my R2H and it works perfect! No problems whatsoever! I'm really hoping to keep it that way! ;)

  14. Rudi,

    Not tried a dual boot, this was a custom setup to replace everything.

    Was version 7077 as well :-(


  15. Hi,

    So you tried to install both 7057 and 7077? I heard that there is basically no difference between the two.

    But did you also remove the recovery partition?

    I'm hoping that I will not be facing the same problems when reinstalling a Windows 7 version. And perhaps I can think of something that may help you.

    Let's look at the similarities and differences in what we both did.

    I have a Asus R2H 60 GB. Never ran Vista on it; only XP.
    I had two partitions in my XP setup. A C:\ drive for OS and a D:\ drive for everything else.

    I started up using an external DVD player. Started the Windows 7 (build 7000) installation, formatted the C:\ drive and installed Windows 7.

    A few weeks later I did exactly the same for build 7057.

    However, on my media center I have encountered some problems with build 7057 as well. This happened because I tried to create an image using Norton Ghost 14.0 While using Ghost I saw that the partition where I wanted to store my image was not available, then I rebooted and all hell broke loose. MBR issues etc.

    At some point I have been able to install 7057 again, but for my media center I'm now back at Vista. What I think did the trick was starting up the machine with a resue disk using Linux, opening gparted. Or maybe it's just been lucky. I didn't really note all steps taken there :(

    The Norton Ghost problem is a known issue. http://community.norton.com/norton/board/message?board.id=Win7Beta&thread.id=330 I got the notification "Bootmgr is missing"

    So, what are the steps that you have taken? And what exactly is going wrong now.

  16. Rudi,

    I Started with a fresh Vista installation from the two recovery discs. The restore utility set up two partitions and installed Vista.

    I then booted with the 7077 version of Windows 7 and was presented with two options, upgrade or custom. I chose custom. Then it showed me the partitions of my drive. I cleared the lot and went to make one large 60gb partition, when it said it was creating a second for system files. It made a 100Mb and a 60Gb partition.

    The install then continued, showed me the steps of the installation. It then restarted, as expected, but hung saying ASUS on the POST screen.

    Then I'm at the point as posted above :-( If I take the HDD out, disconnecting the ZIF ribbon, I can access BIOS by pressing F2, or the boot menu by pressing ESC. If I leave the HDD plugged in I cant get to anything.

    I changed the boot priority menu from HDD, CD to CD, HDD and also tried CD only to try and get it to boot from a USB DVD drive (which I have booted the recovery and other bootable media from before) but it scans to see media in there (I can tell by the light changing colour on the dvd drive), and doesn't initiate it. If I press F2 the prompt which says "Press F2 to enter setup" changes to "Entering Setup..." (likewise with the Esc option) but nothing happens.

    I think I've mucked up the MBR on the drive, which is hanging the machine, but can't get to owt to sort it. I've ordered a ZIF-IDE converter from eBay, hoping that I can rig that to my other PC and clean the drive out completely.

    If you've any other ideas I'd greatly appreciate them. Dan's been a diamond with some ideas but unfortuately this has both of us stumped.

    Best regards!


    (Oh... and Dan... sorry for hijacking this page, hope I haven't caused any offence!!!)

  17. Not at all Dave, feel free, it's nice to see more people getting involved :-)

    I wonder what's that 100 MB partition going to be used for, it's too large for a boot manager, maybe to store some recovery programs so you can report W7 without having to bootup from DVD?

    Like I said I'm puzzled that the BIOS hangs without a message to say it couldn't find a proper active bootable partition, unless there some strange things in the BIOS program is half cooked, but still it should've let you choose the boot menu with the HDD in, cause that should happen after it detects the drivers, but before it tries to do anything else like looking for active/bootable partitions.

    Anyway, it would be a too big coincidence that your HDD broke down just as you installed W7... :-) Let us know how you get on with it, we might need to borrow your ZIF adapter sometime soon :-)

  18. To be honest, as I see it, something happened to your BIOS.
    Because if I understand you correctly your system doesn't even get to the BIOS with the HDD connected.

    If you ARE able to get to the BIOS and set the boot order to CD only (but again, I understand that isn't working either) you may want to try to install Windows XP. In one of my attempts I have done that. For some reason at that point Windows XP installation software was the only software that was able to see all drives and partitions.

    And otherwise it may be possible to find a solution by flashing your BIOS.

    I really hope that you get it running again, because I can promise you that it is really worthwhile on a R2H!

  19. Rudi, I think he's sold on the R2H, the longer it doesn't work the more he wants it :-)

  20. Rudi/Dan,

    Yeah, I defineately want to get this back up and running!!!

    I'm pretty certain it's not the BIOS, but something in the MBR of the HDD which is hanging it. As without the HDD connected I can do anything I want to the machine.

    I can't put XP on or flash the BIOS, as both need me to get past this bit with the HDD connected :-/

    As soon as I get the ZIF adaptor I'll clean it off, and hopefully get it going again!! It must have miscopied something to the HDD as I haven't been able to find anyone else with this issue by googling... Might have been a dodgy dvd...

    Cheers again all!!


  21. I agree the MBR seems to be a problem. Yet I was thinking of BIOS, because I think BIOS is triggered before the HDD. That's why I think it is so strange that you cannot get into the BIOS with the HDD connected.

    I must say I was getting quite hot thinking of the possibility of my R2H also being completely stuck! :( I think I will leave the current build of Windows 7 on the machine until the real release of Windows 7 is there.

    Did I ever put a link to how I have my R2H built in in the car here? That's why I love it that much! Take a look at the last few pictures (that's the end result).


  22. Please let us know how everything works out for you!

    Good luck!

  23. Wow Rudi, that's a nice setup! GPS, multimedia, hey even VoIP calls, why not?! :-) Did you change to a SSD disk or still using the original one?

  24. Yeah, that does look a good setup. Have you got a universal mount, or is there one for it like the Samsung Q1 has?

  25. Recently I had a video conference with my brother while driving in my car. Really funny!

    I'm still using the original HDD. I haven't seen SSD disks for the R2H yet. Is it something worthwhile? The only thing I would want in a HDD right now is a larger one than the current disk. And I think at the moment SSD is too expensive for that.

    The mount actually is a separate stand to put it on the desktop. I didn't really need it since my R2H also has a stand connected to the back. One of the mechanics of the Seat dealer mentioned this was an easy way to mount the R2H. I used some velcro to prevent the device from tipping over.
    If you are looking for a mount: http://www.ram-mount.com/ (Or: http://www.ram-mount.com/SearchResults/tabid/38/searchBy/description/criteria/082050072/Default.aspx)

    It helps me a lot when practicing my singing for the band! :)

  26. I was thinking of the vibrations in your car, it should probably work fine, just backup your data, you never know when it might fail. And unfortunately no cheap SSDs for next while...

  27. No problems with vibrations from the car. (Fortunately!)

    And of course my R2H only has redundant data! The same goes for my media center pc at home.

    All music and important data is on my desktop which is regularly backed up on an external disk. (Which reminds me that I should create a new backup soon! :) )

  28. I got the adaptor today. Connected it with my USB - IDE converter so had USB - IDE - ZIF... and Windows picked up a device, installed it but refused to initialise it :-(

    Opened the box up and plugged it in to an internal IDE connection, booted up and nothing seen on the BIOS :-(

    This puzzled me, as I couldn't see why it was dead, so stopped, and thought about what I was doing....

    The ZIF cable was plugged in upsidedown D'OH!

    Re-connected the cable (correctly), booted, deleted all the partitions and WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    I'm now re-installing the ASUS recovery disc on my R2H as we speak!!!

    I'm not going to go near 7077 again!! Might look at 7106 though... now I have the adaptor if it does happen again.....

    So all my mess was down to something destroying the MBR on the HDD, how? why? no idea... but least I am on the road back now!!!!

    Dan/Rudi, thanks for your help with this!!!

  29. Just got to the point of the first restart... ASUS screen came up... and WENT! YES!!!

    Back in business :-D

  30. Good job, Dave, thanks for getting back to us. We'll let you lead the way, now that you have the tools :-)

  31. Sorry for bluntly adding another comment... I'm just testing my OpenID account.

  32. I think I need some help! I'm thinking about trying the 7077 version again.... I must be mad!!!

    Can lightning strike twice?????

    Rudi, are there advantages over using OpenID then?

  33. Yes it can! :-)

    Now I noticed that Rudi's playing the guitar in a band, nice :-)

  34. Dave, you can also wait for Windows 7 to be released. It should not be that long anymore!

    Is it through my OpenID that you noticed I play guitar in the band? (By the way, I'm also doing all lead singing, that's where the Asus supports me in practising in the car :) )
    I'm not sure if the OpenID will be very useful. I just wanted to claim Rudi Hendrix and Plantje (my alias)

  35. Nope, I had a look at your old link, nice. Your OpenID page doesn't have any content (http://rudi-hendrix.myopenid.com/).

    Dave, try it on again and let us know so we can avoid it :-) still looking for an Enligsh 7106 build...

  36. I decided to wait until the official RC release. (Although will probably change my mind tomorrow!!! LOL)

    Discovered (as you probably have!!) that 7106 Main RTM branch is 7076 RC Escrow (So, older than 7077!!!)

    Rudi, How do you use the device to practice singing? What software do you use? Or is it just playing the music for you?

    Hope you both are well!!

  37. eeehhhh, I don't know, I'm switching sources now, windows7news.com is not too technical, I've tried this http://tinyurl.com/d9qbnv and they say there are a few changes in 7105, and even 7107 and 7108 are out... we'll see how it goes, we need an English version people :-)

  38. sorry, go on about the music... :-)

  39. Dave, you meant this? http://tinyurl.com/ct9esh

    too confusing, maybe we should wait for a RC sometime in May...

  40. For the time being I'm happy with build 7057 on my R2H. I'm going to wait for the release before I'm going to reinstall it again.

    For practicing the singing I just play the music in the car (while driving to and from work) and sing along as loud as I can. This especially amuses people in traffic jams :)

    This brings me to a little bug that occurs in Windows Media Player. I have some glitches towards the end of each song. There is a solution for it: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-music-pictures-video/54075-wmp-laggy-music-long-start-time.html
    I have tried this. On my mediacenter it works (at first sight). But on the R2H (even with the Vista sound drivers installed) there is no "Enhancements" tab. One of you guys has a solution for it?

    Somewhere in the coming days I'm going to try a new use for my R2H. I have a Boss GT Pro for my guitar rig. This is a 19" device that models my sound. With a USB connection and a software tool I can really easy make changes to the sound. (Way easier than using the standard knobs and switches on the device itself). I'm going to try to install the Boss software on my R2H allowing me to put the R2H on top of my 19" rack and change sounds during a gig with my finger tips :)

  41. Ow yes...once I'm done I'll post some pictures somewhere.

  42. Rudi,

    It'll be good to see those pics!!



    I've just installed 7077 on the R2H. Changed my mind... lol

    But noticed that I have that border around the screen like with 7000 where you can't touch screen the edge. Was there something I needed to do? Graphic driver I needed to update/change to get the full screen???

    Hope you're both having a good weekend!!

  43. Dave, did you do the tablet calibration? the graphics driver won't change that...

  44. Sorted it :-D Had to run the calibration thing and restart....

  45. Well I now have 7077 on my R2H... Don't know why it didn't work the first time but all is okay now.

    It's basically the same as your review here, all parts are working as expected with the exception of two bits...

    The Web Cam... I had to go to support.asus.com and download a different driver. I didn't realise that the R2H can have different cameras depending on where you purchased it and when... there are four different driver set ups which support the multiple hardware ID's out there... Mine didn't like the same as Dan's... but has taken the one for Vista. I'm yet to see whether MSN/WLM likes it, but hopefully......

    The second bit, which is what I'm concentrating on at the moment is the fingerprint scanner. I used the driver that was advertised here, and it now shows up in the biometric devices bit of control panel but I can't go in to it as it says that I don't have anything to manage it. I've downloaded the ASUS application but haven't had a chance to use it as trying out the battery calibration utility.

    Do you know if this is what I'm missing or is there another step I need to do??

    Cheers guys!!

  46. I wouldn't install the ASUS fingerprint driver & app for Vista. If it shows fine in Device Manager after you installed the W7 driver, that's fine I guess.

    Mine is listed in Biometric Devices in Control Panel as AuthenTec Inc. AES1610A, says not enrolled and then a Use your fingerprint with Windows link on the right.

    There is a Change biometric settings link on the left side menu, where I can choose Biometric on and Allow users to logon etc checkbox and Biometrics off.Check if it's set to on...

  47. Cheers Dan, I'll have a look at that later.

    Don't suppose you know what the battery calibration does? And how long it should take with the large capacity battery?

  48. As far as I know battery calibration basically consists of a charge / discharge process, which basically calibrates the internal monitor. It's good to do that every now and then, not too often though, see more here:

    The dischrarge process probably takes about the same time it lasts when you use it, while the charge probably longer than the usual charge time when it's off, as the power brick has to power the screen, CPU and all. I think first it charges, then it asks you to unplug it and then it discharges, you can leave that overnight and then plugit in in the morning to charge back.

    I would recommend using BatteryBar, it's a nice app, it works fine in Vista and W7 and it shows the battery wear as well as it estimates the battery life a bit better than Windows.

  49. Dave, I knew you would try it again! Congratulations! ;)
    You will have noticed that after calibrating the thing it'll work a lot better!

    Actually I think battery calibration first completely discharges and drains the battery and only after that it is charged again. It should be good for your battery because in general we tend not to let the battery completely discharge.
    The more expensive battery chargers for your average AA rechargeable batteries use the same principle.
    To be honest I think I'm really punishing my battery! Put it in the car --> charging. When I'm at a client site I take the R2H out, plug it in to the power outlet immediately --> charging. I will never completely drain it!

    I have tested the webcam with WLM and it works perfectly! Even in the car, which is pretty funny because people can see you drive :) I still have to try a video conference while driving.

    I'll try the fingerprint sensor too when I get to it. I should protect my device anyway because right now I'm not expecting any password.

  50. And... back to Vista lol

    I couldn't get the Fingerprint Scanner to work :-(

    It showed up in the Biometric Devices okay. But said not enrolled, and wouldn't let me change it. If I clicked on the use as windows logon option it just brought up a message about no application to manage it...

    I tried installing the ASUS Security software, which ran on login, but was an enhanced password thing, not using the fingerprint scanner :-(

    For now... I'm with Vista again, but next release...!?

    Did you both get the fingerprint scanner working straight away? Or did you need to do owt?

  51. Hmmm.... I thought I posted it already but something went wrong...

    Here are the pictures of my guitar setup with the R2H connected. They are the last 6 pictures:

    If only bluetooth connection was possible I would be able to put the R2H in front of me on stage! :)

  52. Dan, sorry to side track again... but have either yourself or Rudi tried ASUS Smart Logon on the R2H? Using Facial Recognition as security to enable you to log in??

    I'm about to put it on, but wondered if you have had a play and how you found it?

    All the best!!!!

  53. As far as I know lithium-ion batteries don't suffer from memory effect, the calibration is not for the battery charge itself but for the battery monitor, the one that knows when to stop the battery from charging, cause otherwise would explode. The more charge/discharge cycles the more the battery is going to "age", they are usually considered consumables and they are covered only for 6 months guarantee. You can see the battery wear level with apps like BatterBar.

    For the fingerprint recogninition I think I've only installed the driver from Authentec and then went in Control Panel and register a couple of fingers, then tried the logon and it worked. I might've rebooted in between. What I would do is uninstall the driver and maybe even the device from device manager and then reboot, and then redo the process maybe it helps.

    Rudi, I haven't tried the facial recognition, although sounds like an interesting technology. To be honest I don't use the fingerprinter at all, and the webcam only now and then, I've only tried them to see how they work for you guys. I usually keep my R2H in my backpack, it's very unlikely I might forget it somewhere or to have it stolen.

    Also keep in mind that someone with a Ubuntu boot disc could boot up and access the NTFS no problems :-) if you are security aware you should probably secure the bios, Windows logon and try using security features like BitLocker if that works on personal partitions. Other than that, backup your personal data.

  54. Okay... yo yo time... I'm going to try Windows 7 again now after doing some research...

    Re fingerprints found that you must restart the computer after installing the driver W7Wbf32 and that the TrueSuite management user interface to enroll or manager your fingerprint authentication is located at C:\Program Files\WIN7TS\TrueSuiteApplication.exe.

    Also, want to look at Multi-Touch... think this would be cool with the R2H!

    I've found this... designed for HP... but who know's... might offer something...??


    Whatcha think guys??

  55. Dave, if you look at the screenshot in the post it says Single Input Touch Available - I don't know if that's because of the release, or because of the driver. Sounds exciting even as a nice feature to have, it's probably worth a shot on a test system :-) From the PDF document it says you need build 7068, should probably work with 7077 as well.

    Good job with the fingerprint recognition find.

  56. Hey Dan/Rudi,

    Have either of you tried the RC (7100) version as yet?



  57. Hey Dave,

    I just found today about it, I'll see if I can find in on torrents, although to be honest I am inclined to wait for the public release, they're saying may be sometime around 5th of May? I hope it might be sooner if they finished that off and moved on to new builds, what they need probably some quick test and then the distribution, me thinks...

  58. Hi Dan,

    I'm looking to install Windows 7 build 7100 on my media center as a dual boot next to Vista.
    Is there something in particular that I should take care of with regards to booting?


  59. Rudi,

    I would use EasyBCD or BCDEDIT /EXPORT to backup the BCD data, just in case something goes wrong, you can probably import that back from the Vista recovery DVD and restore that.

    I doubt though you will have any problems, the RC candidate is a public release and more attention would probably paid to multi-Windows systems.

  60. Thanks! I'll do that.

    I'll probably start working with it on Thursday. Should take me less then an hour to get everything up and running.

  61. Thanks Rudi, good luck and let us know how it goes!

  62. Well, if you do install the RC from torrents, check this:

    If you do install an official RC build then you should confirm that the MD5 checksum on the ISO is the same as a known safe MD5. Known safe MD5s are:

    Windows 7 RC Build 7100 x86 is 8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590

    Windows 7 RC Build 7100 x64 is 98341af35655137966e382c4feaa282

  63. About the CRCs, not quite so, just checked them at
    and they are as below:

    Windows 7 RC Language Pack (x86) - DVD (English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)

    Windows 7 Ultimate RC (x86) - DVD (English)

  64. pooper, the laste ones are SHA1 hash codes, while the other ones were MD5, never confused...

  65. Euh...que?

    I installed the RC build 7100 yesterday. It seems to be working fine. Where can I find this MD5 checksum? I've never heard of it.

    Currently it is working....

  66. Apparently someone released an ISO distribution with a trojan attached to the setup.exe

    MD5/SHA1 etc they are check sum control numbers, and it is used to identify whether two files are the same / different. Basically if two files have eeven a single byte different, their checksums will be way different.


    Also sometimes downloaded files may be corrupted during download due to various causes, bad data coming from the routers, bugs in the download programs etc, checking your downloaded file checksum against what the provider numbers ensures the file integrity, in this case the .ISO image.

  67. Ok, it's calculating the hash code MD5 thingy now...

  68. Few.... I have the 8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590. So I should be ok :) (Right?)

  69. You should be fine Rudi, how is it?
    Have you noticed any changes, improvements, anything?

  70. Yesterday I just installed it and then I had to leave. Queens day in the Netherlands. However...that was not a long lasting party :(

    I haven't really noticed changes so far. There was a bug that one could not use two tuners in Media Center without changing the firewire drivers. I thought it was solved, but my system now mentioned no tuners are available and it seems that this change will fix that issue.

    Further, in this build I haven't seen any issues of the connection to media player being lost. Hope that is solved as well!

  71. I guess that's why they released it as a RC for people to test - plenty of time to send feedback before the end of the year.

  72. I'm just about to put it on mine. Hopefully will go better than the other time!!

    Rudi, did your fingerprint scanner work out of the bag this time?

    Dan, have you had a look yet?

  73. Dave,

    not yet, I have my folks visiting this week, I might have some look maybe next week,good luck guys!

  74. This time I have been installing Windows 7 on my Media Center machine. So no fingerprint reader test yet.

    For my media center I see some significant improvements!

  75. Great read guys,

    I cam across this blog while looking for option on a R2H and SSD, as far as I can see it is doable, though flipping costly as you would need an IDE 2.5" SSD drive =[

    I am looking at buying one from a guy to mount to one of my offroad bikes for touch sensative gps, wifi and every thing else :D issue is vibration will kill a normal drive. Rekon I will bookmark this site and keep an eye on where ya guys end up with this.

    Came across a forum earlier about a guy runing 2gigs of ram in his r2h too.... lemme try find that link

  76. Hey there, welcome to the club! I don't know if it was a type, but R2H uses 1.8" IDE drives, probably even more expensive :-) But you would probably do fine with a 32 GB HDD, which shouldn't really break the bank and it might even help with the battery life as well.

    Maybe when you choose the mounting device to keep in mind the constant vibrations, while the spinning HDDs is probably exposed the most, there's other things that might fail after a while, like the internal fan or even the screen may not like it very much.

    vip.asus.com is the official site, I would ask on that forum maybe someone is interested in either SSDs or maybe even mountain-biking. There were a few other UMPC forums sites, I just dont remember them now, haven't visited them in a while :-)

    Anyways, good luck with that, do come back if you get it done, we'd be interested as well in the results!

  77. the mounting kit I would have fabricated, for the most part to reduce vibrations even more and as a second to have it swivel (to accodomate tilting the r2h while standing)

    Will have to see how things go :D

  78. I want an adapter that does this in reverse!


    and what do you know!


    Can you say 500 gig 3.5" sdd :D

  79. Are those for R2H? I don't know where are you going to fit the first one in... R2H might be able to boot off the USB, but the latency might be a problem though. I was going to say the 3.5" HDD might draw a lot of power but then I remembered you were looking for a SSD :-)

  80. If it can boot from usb that will be fine, the latency of usb 2 compauired to ssd isnt to bad.

    I think I might just make my tc1100 screen touch sensative and boot from usb, the smaller r2h I do like though. I will be powering it from a KTM 990 Adv so more than able power on the bike

  81. Haha, for some reason I was thinking you were going to use it on a bicycle :-) yeah, i guess that should do it, keep plenty of air for cooling though, R2H tends to overheat if you are going to put some foam / casing around it or something like that.

  82. already planning fan pulling air in :D

    was rather chuffed to find the R2H today, size and spec are prefect for what I need. Should be a nice lil project once its all done.

    A few other plans for it:

    bluetooth enabled CB radio (rider to rider and bike to bike comms)
    backup GPS via cell (3g and wireless too)
    HD cam streaming to the drive
    full engine management on the fly

    I am investigating another option too in terms of PC, I have an old TC1100 tablet I am considering changing to ssd's and to full touch screen but will see.

    Great thread on the R2H man.
    I very much enjoyed reading it

  83. Thanks man, my work is nothing compared to what you're planning there :-) R2H might be able to handle all that, it's just that you will need to trim the "fat", although it will be close to it's limits there - HP Compaq TC1100 might handle it better choice though...

  84. ah yea no question there, the tc1100 kicks the r2h hands down in preformance. I have several stripped os's that I suspect even a r2h would make look fast.

    Will have to wait n see what happens

  85. Hey Guys! I just found this blog! I mounted my R2H on my Harley last season. Installed an inverter and two 150 watt amplifiers and I have 6 X 9 speakers on my custom fairing. My only problem seemed to be vibration to the hardrive at idle. I'm planning on installing a solid state drive or using a 64gig USB Drive. My R2H runs Xp at the moment and I only have 760 megs of ram. Would it be better to use the solid state or USB and can I upgrade my memory also where do I find a repair manual to take this thing apart? Thanks !

  86. you dont need a manual, just start poping lids off the back of it and 1 out of 3 you will find the ram one.

    simple as slat mate

  87. Very nice, a SSD would be good yeah, not only for vibrations but the performance might be better as well. I have managed to replace with a 1 GB module (1.25 total), others succedded with a 2 GB module, but I they see less than that, anyways depends on the price you can find.

    See if this helps, just added a link to some shots to help you find the memory module -

    You can use modules that other have had success with or if you want to go your own way, use CPU-Z to see what frequence and model your current memory is and look for similar.

  88. Asus makes some great products, whenever I'm looking for a new device
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