Monday, April 9, 2012

How to change Windows network location

Just found that one of my home computers using a static IP address was configured as “Public network” and for that reason not allowing access to shares. Although you can see from the screenshots is running Windows 8, I’m pretty sure the same works for Windows 7 as well.

Solution originally found here:

Run Local Security Policy editor (secpol.msc) and navigate to Network List Manager Policies and find the network you want to change – for some reason, although the computer is wired, the network tooks the name of the router’s wi-fi SSID.

Double click the entry (Properties) and change location type – you can also change its name in there if you prefer (1st tab).

Refresh (F5) screen and voila, now I can just go and make sure file sharing is enabled for Private networks.


  1. Thank you, works. I had almost given up to find a solution.