Monday, December 11, 2017

Fix: Wireless Display "Your display couldn't connect"

 You may find when trying to project to an wireless display Windows will fail with the following error message, even though other similar computers on your network can project just fine:

    Something went wrong.
    Your display couldn't connect.

Intel ProSet/Wireless Software > Modify > Wireless Software Extensions

Windows Defender Security Center > Firewall & network protection > Restore firewalls to default

Try again projecting and confirm it is working fine now.


  1. thanks, these steps worked perfecly

  2. Simple temps and the ONLY steps that actually worked for resolving my Miracast issues. Thanks!

  3. I tried all above steps and it did not worked for me... same message "something went wrong", I desperately need to get this fixed, would anyone be able to help on this issue. I am trying to project my windows 10 Lenovo T450 laptop on my 65" LG smart TV 4k SUHD via Miracast/Screnshare / Intel @ WIDI app on LG Web OS 3.0

  4. I had trouble projecting from my desktop to my laptop. The other way around would work fine. I discovered that it was because I had both my Intel Graphics and NVidia 1070 GTX adapters enabled simultaneously (I had enabled multi-gpu support in BIOS in order to force the onboard graphics to enable in conjunction with discrete graphics so that I could use the iGPU in XSplit as a video capture device while leaving my NVidia card and CPU dedicated to the DirectX game I was capturing. Disabling the iGPU in Device Manager on my desktop fixed it so that I could project to my laptop. When I was done projecting, I could re-enable Intel Graphics in order to assist with game capture in XSplit.

    TLDR; Windows can't handle Miracast properly with multiple graphics adapters enabled simultaneously. Disable the adapter you aren't using at the source in order to fix connecting to a remote display. Hopefully, Microsoft sees this and fixes it in a future build.

  5. Miracast for Windows 7 is a new wireless display technology that is finally coming of age. Miracast allows teachers to magically display what is on a computer/device screen to a large screen HDTV or HDMI-capable projector WITHOUT any cables!