Saturday, July 19, 2008

High DPC CPU usage on ASUS R2H / Vista (2)

... and now without AVG Free 8.0 antivirus. I still don't know what is generating those spikes but things are looking better...


  1. Hope you get this message. I have seen people strugling with R2H taskmgr cpu usage and Wifi stability. Both problems can be solved by uninstalling power4gear, or if one does not want to uninstall, change the power scheme in Control Panel -> Power Options. Change the power scheme to any thing except for "power4gear". That will solve WiFi problems and CPU Usage.

    You can try it out with your R2h and post it in your block that will help many people.


  2. Hi Tama,

    Haven't been using Power4Gear in XP nor Vista - I've tried them on both and I haven't seen any advantage to the built-in Windows tools other than customisation ease and integration to Asus Setting Center.

    You are right, CPU hogging makes the wi-fi disconnect. I haven't that sort of problems for quite some time in XP and none since I moved to Vista.

    I will think about it and maybe I'll write a post, thanks.