Saturday, July 19, 2008

High DPC CPU usage on ASUS R2H / Vista (1)

Following a quick investigation using the DPC Latency Checker it looks like the culprit (or one of the them) is the ASUS WL-159G (Zydas ZD1211 chip) wireless driver. It was obvious when transfering large file over wireless, the more speed the more DPC CPU usage, going as high as 80%.

When idle / no transfers, the DPC latency checker showed yellow graph lines at around 1000 ┬Ás, with the ocasional 1-3% CPU usage.

Disabled the ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter and you're in the green with a few yellow spikes.

I also found that the Airlink AWLL3026 drivers work fine with ASUS WL-159G device. Airlink has a newer driver for Vista - 04/20/2007, - although this one doesn't change anything compared to previous driver I was using (version, it's good to know since ASUS doesn't seem to be updating drivers for this model anymore.


  1. Dan:
    Does the Airlink driver work better than the ASUS one for the ASUS WL-159G wireless device ?

  2. Victor,

    To be honest I haven't compared the peformance, but if you were having problems I would recommend trying it. It would be as easy as extracting the archive in a temp folder and using the Device Manager to manually update the driver.