Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ASUS R2H - How to restore the state of integrated GPS receiver after reboot

Posted by Bogdan Apostol  on
Hello fellow R2H owners

I was very much annoyed that on reboot the GPS didn't recall the last setting, like the WIFI remains active on restart... so, I have decided to write my own application that activates and deactivates the device. I am also planning to work on my own navigation system and some other GPS enabled applications.

I am very happy to, finally, make time for this (have the R2H for some time now) and would like to share this small tool with all of you. It is very simple to use, and can be set to run once on start-up. It acts as a command-line, with the following syntax:

gpsCtrl.exe [on|off]
Everytime is being executed, it stores the last option in registry... and when executed without parameters, will read the last option "on" / "off" from registry and activates / deactivates the device accordingly.

Also, for those developers out there, I am providing the full source code of this small utility. I have no idea how to attach a file on this forum, so, those interested can contact me on the email specified on my profile page and will be more than glad to send a reply with the corresponding attachment. Here's my profile page:

Happy navigation!

I have managed to upload the tools here:

I'm hoping to be able to put more useful things on that forum; anyone invited to subscribe for news / updates.

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UPDATE 26 Nov 2016

Now also available on GitHub dandar3/ASUS-R2H-gpsCtrl project, see Releases for downloads.


  1. Do you still have this useful utility ? Thanks in advance

    1. See the update at the end about the GitHub project where you can find the utility. HTH, Dan