Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update on ASUS R2H - "End of the Road"

    I remember I started this blog almost exactly 10 years ago all excited by the advent of mini-tablets in the form or UMPCs, with a first post from the actual device.

    My ASUS R2H came with Windows XP Tablet Edition, qualifying for a free upgrade to Windows Vista, followed by quite a number of pre-release, preview, trial and final versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, and finally Windows 10. In spite of the fact that the actual support from ASUS and Intel ended with Windows Vista, it has been possible to run for much longer thanks to Windows support for legacy devices from Microsoft.

    It is finally time to declare End of the Road for Windows with so appropriately release named: Windows 10 Anniversay Update (version 1607, build 14393.447)

    ASUS R2H-BG059T

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update
    version 1607, build 14393.447

     ➤  Graphics 

           Graphics performance of the old Intel GMA 900 is quite poor with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver (v10.0.14393.0, 21 Jun 2006).

           ASUS graphics driver for Windows Vista (v6.14.10.4764, 15 Mar 2007) will not install anymore, XPDM (XP Display Model) drivers are not supported starting with Windows 8.

    ➤  Touch screen

          Calibrate using Digitiser Calibration Tool (tabcal.exe)

    ➤  Audio

          ASUS audio driver for Windows Vista (v6.10.1.6030, 15 Mar 2007)

    ➤  Webcam

         ASUS camera driver for Windows Vista (for Bison v6., 10 Sep 2007 or otherwise choose your own from the driver download page)

    ➤  Thumbstick

         ASUS touchpad driver for Windows Vista (v9.1.5.0, 25 Jan 2007)

    ➤  Fingerprint

           Works fine with Windows (AuthenTec) driver (v3.4.4.84, 11 Oct 2012). Enrol your fingerprint(s) in Settings > Accounts > Sign-In Options. Fingerprint Set Up button might be disabled if you haven't configured a text password yet - should do that first and then come back to it.


    ➤  Bluetooth

         Works fine with generic Microsoft driver (10.0.14393.351, 21 Jun 2006). ASUS Bluetooth driver for Windows Vista (v5.10.02, 12 Feb 2007) would not install.


    ➤  WiFi

         Works with Windows (Atheros) provided driver (v2.2.0.27, 29 Jul 2008). You can install ASUS Wireless driver for Windows Vista (v2.0.0.130, 17 Aug 2007) but after installing ASUS Wireless Console (v2.0.8, 7 Mar 2007)


    ➤  Ethernet

         Works with Windows (Realtek) provided driver (v10.9.422.2016, 22 Apr 2016). You may try to install the ASUS LAN driver for Windows Vista (V6.190.115.2007, 24 Jul 2007).

    ➤  GPS

         Enable GPS receiver (NMEA 0183 on COM1, 4800 baud) with device_switch.exe part of ASUS Device Switch (v1.0.0.1, 25 Jul 2007) or the open source eqivalent gpsCtrl.exe (dandar3/ASUS-R2H-gpsCtrl on GitHub).

    Tested with GPSDirect (Sensor Driver > Install, followed by Tests > Sensor Explorer On) and MTTTY Serial Terminal (COM1, 4800, 8-N-1, followed by File > Connect).


      1. That was just an exercise I presume, you don't actually code on this machine, do you? :)

        1. Of course I do! you connect a monitor, keyboard and a mouse to it and off you go :-)

        2. 478 MB free - move the mouse - 200MB, click the mouse 100 MB, display in anything above 1024x768 (true c) 100MB. If you sneeze near it, the swap filled up to 500MB :p
          But the experience.. (memory) priceless :)
          Anyway, quite a machine to be frank (gps, fingerprint, bt, touchscreen!?) - should I suggest an OS that is actually usable with that Celeron and 1.2 MB? :D Just saying...

        3. Oh, absolutely, please do! I'll tell you after that what I've been cursing at the last few days :-)