Sunday, July 14, 2013

Windows 8.1 Preview on ASUS R2H

ASUS R2H UMPC running Windows 8.1 Preview!



  1. Dan, I have the same working here on my R2H. Pity about the screen drivers though. It would be great to get the Metro apps working as well.

  2. About that, if I'd be trying anything it would be with the Windows Vista drivers:

    That would also probably require the Settings app and probably the ATK to be able to get the settings panel so you can change the resolution.

    Metro apps I believe they have minimum requirements for screen resolution, otherwise they won't even start.

    Or we could try this:

  3. I've tried both of the options that you suggested and neither works.

  4. Hey Dan
    Love the R2H posts, I have been trying to get windows 8 to install on mine for a few hours and it keeps giving me a Physical Address Extension error right at the start any ideas ?

  5. Hi Ed,

    Your unit might be having an older revision, sorry about that - see the last comments on this post.

  6. Hey Dan Dar

    It would appear that you are right about my processor.Have tried a few hacks to get around the PAE check but to no avail.I guess after 6 OS's windows 8 was just a bridge to far for my little R2H.

    Thanks for getting back so quickly and for all your help.


  7. Yeah, true! I'd still like to try maybe Android-x86 or some other flavors of Linux (you can already find my other threads on Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 13.04), so maybe don't give up just yet :-)

  8. Vin,

    Hey Dan Dar, Really love your R2h posting. I owns a R2Hv. But i seems to have problem to install Windows 8 pro (32bits) or windows 8.1 pro (32bits)Bootable from DVD. It says that Physical extension something to do with processor. Any tips for that??

  9. Thank you, Vin.

    Sorry, I'm afraid you have the same problem as Ed, PAE = Physical Address Extension.

    Also see the comments on this link: