Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 on ASUS R2H

With Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" just released the other day, thought I would upgrade the recent 12.04 installation. Instead of doing a fresh install, I've decided for an upgrade - never done one before and wanted to see how well it works.

I wouldn't recommend it though, for two reasons: one cause I first had to upgrade to 12.10 (~700 MB download) and then again to 13.04 (another 700MB) - much larger than downloading the full 13.04 ISO - and second cause the wi-fi network was quite slow at around 50 KB/s and took ages to download and seemed like hogging the wi-fi channel for my laptop to use at the same time (seen similar with the original install when downloading updates). One advantage on the other hand is that it kept what I had, like apps and screen resolution / calibration.

Some parts of the UI seem a little more responsive (like dragging the on-screen keyboard around), but the I guess visual effects (fading, zooming) make it slower. Other things like starting programs seem slower as well - the file manager starts after a few seconds after being clicked with a gray window for another couple of seconds, then you get your files. VNC connection seems slower as well.

Cue Ubutu Software Center > Unity Tweak Tool.

CompizConfig Settings Manager is still there - disabling animations and fading windows locks up the UI for a good few seconds, but it will come back eventually.

One thing I didn't cover in previous post was the on-board keyboard, which comes very handy when you use the unit away from your desk. Search for OnBoard Settings:

Another thing I didn't cover was how to enable hibernation. Press the Power hardware button and will be presented with the lock / standby / hibernate / shutdown dialog.

And this is all for now...

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