Monday, September 26, 2011

Best value mouse ever!

I was so excited by the simplicity and function of this mouse, bought it for all my work and home computers and even given some to friends – it is a shame though to see it being discontinued (just bought two more to store away :-)...  I usually don’t recommend hardware to people cause nowadays it’s so easy to find all the reviews you need and people usually want to find the good stuff themselves, but I can’t resist – great, simple, easy to use mice are always underrated.

I’m talking about Microsoft Wheel Optical Mouse – great simple shape (use with either hand), no additional buttons or anything (no need to install IntelliMouse), light and easy to navigate with, long soft cord (stiffer wires usually break down where the cord enters the body after a couple of years), soft and quiet clicks with both buttons and the wheel (so handy to close those thumbnails in Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails or browser tabs with a middle click). In brief, a great, dependable, easy to use, no fuss mouse – it’s a shame to see it going away, finding it harder and harder nowadays in online stores. Well done Microsoft on this one, and goodbye old friend!

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  1. I hear ya! And now it's replace a piece of shit garbage. Well done on the optical wheel mouse, wtf on the replacement.