Sunday, May 4, 2008

Asus Notebook Keys 1.3

NP_ wrote a two application set allowing you to assign the actions of your Asus notebook hardware buttons (see the other post specific to R2H).

  • AsusNbKeys.exe - main service module, it must be always loaded (do not close it from Task Manager, use "Stop AsusNbKeys process" button of AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe instead);
  • AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe - setup module, manages settings for main service; run it only for making changes to settings.
  • You can set own actions for additional buttons of your Asus notebook or leave them by default;
    Possible own actions:
    • run any application or file (vbs-script, for example) with parameters,
    • simulate keystroke to use it as hotkey with some other program,
    • just do nothing;
    *v1.1: added ability to block all additional buttons by hotkey (Win + Space);
    *v1.3: added ability to supply parameters for app being executed.
  • /!\ The Asus's ATK0100 driver + software, HControl.exe MUST be 1043.2.15.64 or newer version;
  • Windows XP 32bit or Vista 32Bit;
  • Do not change names of programs of this package.
  • Download and unzip to some safe place;
  • Add shortcut for AsusNbKeys.exe to autorun;
  • Run AsusNbKeys.exe;
  • Run AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe and set up your keys as you want.
  • Run your old AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe and press "Stop AsusNbKeys process" button;
  • Close AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe;
  • Overwrite AsusNbKeys.exe with newer version;
  • Overwrite AsusNbKeysCtrl.exe with newer version;
  • Run AsusNbKeys.exe.
PS: please report bugs...


Updated to 1.1.
  • Block all buttons via Win + Space (enable this option first);
  • Fixed small bug ("Remove" did'n turn off).
Updated to 1.1_FIXED.
  •  AsusNbKeys.exe does not use msvcr80.dll anymore.
 Updated to 1.3.
  •  Added ability to supply parameters to application being executed;
  • Trying to fix Vista errors (the program can get disabled after sleep\hibernate, can't find ATK0100 AC event).


  1. Great, works good with asus x72v!

  2. Great stuff, but you should thank the authors as well :-) see the thread at the top.

  3. Oh my god! This works so well with my ASUS V1S-B1! Thanks!

  4. LINK to program is not valid please for update.

    1. It appears they have changed the forum software and links were not working anymore. Searching the forums found the thread again and updated the links, thanks.