Saturday, March 31, 2007

ASUS R2H - Working Bison webcam on Vista

Jaba, a member on ASUS forum has posted a working driver + registry fix for Bison webcam on Vista.

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Posted: 2/25/2007 3:23:00 PM

This driver at least stops the crashing, but it gives a black picture UNTIL you do what this guy said on Technet for some other ASUS notebook:

I finally got my bisoncam to work in Vista..
Just install the drivers from the link given above and add the following to your windows registry.

If u'r unsure how to add it to the registry, just copy and paste the code below in a text file and rename it as .reg

Double click the reg file to add the entries into the registry..

Hope this Helps.....

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




After you modify or add all this stuff in your registry and reboot Voila - it works.
Enjoy - perhaps ASUS people can just nick these settings and make an installer?


  1. this does not seem to work with vista ultimate x64. When i try to run the register as.reg i get an error cannot import c:\path\as.reg the specified file is not a registry script. you can only import binary files from the registry editor

  2. Hi,

    Sorry to hear that - I don't have a system with Vista x64 to test, but if you provide the actual error message I could try to help you find a solution on the web.


  3. "cannot import c:\path\as.reg the specified file is not a registry script. this is the error message"... so either i didn't make the as.reg as a proper reg file... or windows vista x64 doesn't see it as a reg file.

    my laptop is a MSI gx700... but the webcam is bison so i thought it should work (even though the error message is more windows related than producer related)

  4. Hi,

    Just to confirm, you copied everything from Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 down to "MultiLangID"=dword:00000009 in as.reg, right? No new lines or spaces at the top of the file etc.

    I see on the MSI GX700 driver there is a driver from December last year, maybe it's newer than what you have, it's worth a try.

    Bison Webcam Driver
    XP/Vista Ver :
    Windows XP/Vista 32/64bit


  5. It worked... I must have done something wrong when I pasted the text in notepad last time... now I carefully selected just what you said and saved it as "as.reg" and it works perfectly. Thanks alot.

  6. Great stuff! glad to hear you fixed the problem.

  7. The link to MSI is down.

  8. Hi,

    I don't seem to have a copy of the MSI drivers, I've asked the guys on ASUS forum to post a link if they still have it (fingers crossed for a reply).

    Looks like I'm actually using the ASUS R2H drivers V6. from, have a go and see how they work for you.

    BisonCamInstall Camera Driver for Vista 32bit
    1. Please refer to below FAQ to check your camera's PID code:

    2. This driver is for below PID code: