Sunday, December 24, 2006

ASUS R2H - Temperature

The ONLY thing that I don't like about my R2H is the internal temperature, according to Notebook Hardware Control it goes around 45-50 degrees Celsius for HDD and 55-60 degrees Celsius for ACPI after half an hour, which I find quite high (it may be just me, I'm a bit of a temperature freek since I spent the last couple of years doing a little bit of modding on my P4 Prescott Shuttle XPC for better cooling, and it never gets that hot, but of course that's a totally different story as it's actively cooled). Otherwise, on the outside, R2H feels just warm and i guess since everything is tightly packed on the inside these temperatures may be normal - I raised a technical query with Asus about this - let's see what they say...

ASUS reply on temperature query:
"The normal temperature for the HDD will be between 50~70 celsius and for the CPU will be 60~80 celsius."

January 12, 2007 update:Just bought this fan from eBay (as said before, I'm a bit of a diy-er, especially when it comes to fans - modded my Shuttle XPC desktop, my Xbox, soon my Vantec NexStar HDD enclosure :-), and the plan is to build some sort of a USB cooler for my "hottie" here - I'll keep you updated if it makes it to life.


  1. New release was launched today.

    Release Notes of Notebook Hardware Control

    NHC 2.0 - Pre-Release-06 (04.05.2007)
    - add support for Windows Vista
    - add new function in the ACPI Control System
    - add most available ACPI Control System source files to the NHC installer
    - add Thermal Zone support in the ACPI Control System
    - add 2D/3D detection and process filter (Professional Version)
    - add better support for dual-core CPU's
    - extend the support for ATI Powerplay
    - fixed the errors in the NHC 2.0 Pre-Release-05 (only 3 hours online)
    - fixed a lot of problems and bugs
    - To-Do: prepare the release 2.0 and AMD Voltage Control support

    I will wait a few days because according to these notes it seems that the previous version had some errors that had been corrected with this new one.


  2. Thanks J.C., I just created a new post - it works fine on both XP and Vista.