Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lotus Notes 8 Themes

Although Lotus Notes 8 looks much better than 6.5 (but still 20 years behind Outlook :-), here’s how you can install a couple of new themes, so your Notes stands out of the crowd - I like the blue Royale one.

Download theme pack:

Installation notes:

  1. Unzip the file to get for installation;
  2. Go to ...\Notes\framework\rcp folder.
  3. Add "" to the end of file plugin_customization.ini
  4. Restart Notes 8. Then from Notes 8 client you can use menu "File -> Application -> Install" to install Eclipse based applications.
  5. Choose "Search for new features to install".
  6. Choose "Add Zip/Jar Location...", then select the file;
  7. Follow the instruction to complete the installation.
  8. After installation, Notes needs to restart;
  9. Click on menu File->Preference to open preference page, select the "Windows and Themes" page. In the Theme section, you will see new installed themes. Select one and click "OK" to apply the theme.
Lotus Notes - Royale Theme


  1. thanx a lot it realy works
    for more themes tell me the procedure where ill found more themes of lotus notes

  2. Great - I don't know to be honest, I'd say maybe google for some more "download lotus notes themes" or similar.

    We've just said goodbye to Lotus Notes a couple of months ago and moved on to Gmail :-)

  3. You are very lucky. We were just bought by a company in bed with IBM. We just ditched our Exchange 2010 environment for Domino/Notes.

  4. Sorry to hear that! :-) If there's any good news is that you'll get used to it, eventually...

  5. Hello, not working for me I receive the error: "No acceptable features were found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site category" while adding the file.

    I saw on other webpage that server from : are down, any help?

    Many Thanks !

  6. Sorry folks, after the 4 year transition period our IT has removed recently the entire Lotus Notes infrastructure so I can't this at all, sorry.